Hayer began her career as an Interior Designer. Over the ten years as an interior designer, she was able to combine her creativity and out of the box ideas to improve and make numerous custom homes more appealing, and to the satisfaction of her clients.

It is while she was still designing homes that her vision and passion for venturing into the beauty industry, was born. She decided to take a professional hair styling course and took a bold step to follow her passion and desire to help other people feel great about themselves by looking great.

Hayer quit her interior design job, to start her hair and aesthetic business, the BBlunt Salon & Spa. Her belief and dedication to ensuring that her clients receive the best care possible, made her choose her team from qualified stylists.

The BBLUNT Salon & Spa isn’t like any other; it is where beauty meets professionalism. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority, as we ensure that you get value for your money.